Douglas A-26 Invader

LENGTH 51ft / 15.24m
HEIGHT 19ft / 5.64m
WING SPAN 75ft / 22.86m
WEIGHT Net: 10,145kg / 22,370lb
Full: 15,876kg / 35,000lb
Take-off: 17,460kg / 28,500lb
ENGINE 2 piston, asteroid Pratt & Whitney R-2800-83
POWER/TRUST 2,500HP each
MAX SPEED 355Mph / 571Kmh
MAX OPERATING ALTITUDE 20,000ft / 6,100m
ARMAMENT 8 .50 caliber machine guns or 4 0.22 caliber machine guns at the nose 6 .50 calibre machine guns on the wings
CAPACITY In the fuselage and in 8 areas under the wings it can carry a bomb load of 8,000lb (3629kg)

“The light attack bomber”

The Douglas A-26 Invader (designated B-26 between 1948–1965) was a United States twin-engine light attack bomber built by the Douglas Aircraft Co. During World War II that also saw service during several of the Cold War’s major conflicts. A limited number of highly modified aircraft (designation A-26 restored) served in combat until 1969.It was found to be a fast aircraft which was capable of carrying twice its specified bomb load.

A range of guns could be fitted to produce a formidable ground-attack aircraft.
The Douglas company began delivering the production model A-26B in August 1943 with the new bomber first seeing action with the Fifth Air Force in the Southwest Pacific theater on 23 June 1944, when they bombed Japanese-held islands near Manokwari. A-26s began arriving in Europe in late September 1944 for assignment to the Ninth Air Force.

The initial deployment involved 18 aircraft and crews assigned to the 553d Squadron of the 386th Bomb Group.
This unit flew its first mission on 6 September 1944. The first group to fully convert to the A-26B was 416th Bombardment Group with which it entered combat on 17 November, and the 409th Bombardment Group, whose A-26s became operational in late November.

In contrast to the Pacific-based units, the A-26 was well received by pilots and crew alike, and by 1945, the 9th Air Force had flown 11,567 missions, dropping 18,054 tons of bombs, recording seven confirmed kills while losing 67 aircrafts.

Our plane

This specific Invader is one of the 69 airplanes of this type which underwent a series of partial enhancements by On Mark Engineering. Changes included fitting of 2,500 hp (1,900 kW) R-2800-52W engines with no propeller spinners and the six wing guns deleted.

Registry: USA/FAA N-500 MR, Type: Light bomber, 2-engine propeller, high-wing, reconnaissance (FA-26), Manufacturer: Douglas Aircraft Company, Country of origin: USA, First flight: 10 July 1942, Date of purchase: 1995